Computer Repair
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Fixed PC, LLC / Naples PC provides computer repair for Microsoft and Apple computers. Receive a $25 credit toward any two device services of $99/+.

Residential Computer Security
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 *Your signup is your agreement to the minimum 6 month contract, 1 year for business, all computers must pass the qualification process before security can be applied. Average qualification includes malware cleaning and updating valued approximately <$199. Cancellation Fees apply. Your signup is your agreement that you have read and agree to our Terms & Conditions. We know you will enjoy our Remote Support & Security as well as our 100% Guarantee on all our services.


Stop struggling with computer problems at the office and get back to running your business. Find out how we prevent tech issues and ensure your business always runs smoothly. 
  • Custom IT Support Programs
  • Employee Friendly Help Desk
  • Server & Network Support
  • Workstation & User Support
  • Security & Malware Protection
  • Backup & Disaster Recover
  • Email & Cloud Support
  • Web & Media Development Options


Welcome to Naples PC, Making Digital Easy

If you're looking for a local computer repair service center in Naples, Florida, you've come to the right place. We fix all computers; Microsoft, Apple, Android, and more. We are one of the few computer companies that can work on all types of computers and are willing to open up a laptop and replace parts without sending it away, offering you faster turn-around times. We can sync your data between your phone, your Microsoft laptop, and your iMac without losing any data. 

Got an older computer but don't want to lose your files, not only will we recover your files, photos, music, etc. If your PC is worth any value to us, we may do it for free and recycle your computer too (Must be less than 5 years old). 

Naples PC provides computer repair and security for business and residential customers. Once we qualify your computer/s they will be capable of joining our secure network where we guarantee 100% Malware Free, Remote Support Service, and Administrator Security for all your devices at a very low monthly cost. Your contribution allows us to continue to remove malicious websites from the internet on a daily basis while giving you the only security and support every computer owner deserves. Call: 239-594-8324 to Schedule an Appointment (required). 

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Computer Services

Virus Removal / Protection
Laptop Screen Replacement
Install / Repair OS
Network Troubleshooting
Router / WiFi Setup / Booster
Microsoft Office / Email
Data Backup and Recovery
Software or Hardware Repair
Custom Gaming Computer
Computer Upgrades / Memory
Business / Home PC Security

---------We stop malware in its tracks before malware tracks you---------

Our diagnostic process is as simple as calling to set up an appointment. Only $49.99 to begin the process. This is credited toward your final cost unless extensive is needed. Please don't try this at home unless you are an experienced technician, it could cost double.
Repair your computer for less than the cost of a new computer. When you need computer repair We have record breaking turn around times for computer repair services in Naples, FL. Our costs are equal or less than our major competitors, but our service outshines them all.
Got a new computer, tv, tablet, or printer and need to get it working on your network? We can transfer your information from your old computer and help you setup email or software for an affordable flat rate. We also custom build computers and install motherboards and more.
Get 100% Protection against malware by signing up for our membership program and let us keep your computer up to date. Our cloud monitored virus protection is better than any virus protection; and so is our customer service.
Tested and Proven.
With over ten years experience in computer support, Naples PC can handle pretty much any computer problem. Remotely, our support goes wherever you go as long as you're on the internet. For the Best Business Computer Security in Naples FL. Call: 239-594-8324


Computer Security

Naples PC provides computer security for residents. We have been providing remote support for computers around the world since 2009.

Residential Member Services:

Cloud Monitored Virus Protection
100% Virus Protection Guarantee
1 hr/mo. Remote Support
Cloud Data Syncing
Updates as Needed
Weekly Optimizations

Computer Security as low as $19.99/mo.
Sign Up and Start Receiving the Benefits Today!

  Naples PC Computer Security is the best solution for home and business. Our remote virus security software protected our members from hundreds of malware files.

Living in Naples, Florida and doing computer repair over the course of fifteen years, I discovered a major flaw in technology; the lack of American companies that were willing to provide quality support and protection for every day computer users, not just businesses. 

This lead me to where we are today; supporting thousands of computers remotely around the globe at an affordable rate; less than half of the cost of a cellphone plan per month. 

Being that we were providing support but removing malware so often, I wasn't making a profit, so I had to raise prices to a minimum of seventy dollars a month, just to compensate for the amount of work I was doing, I was sure to fail.

I went searching for the best malware protection but kept running into walls, until I finally found one I could write the policy. The client software only had around thirty check marks, when I was done with it, there was over a hundred. Now, with the Naples PC policy, our members are completely secure from malware. Whew! We did it. 
-Nate James, CEO

Business Security

One of our main priorities is Business Security. Whether you are a school, auto center, restaurant, or insurance company, etc...  

Naples PC is the best in Business Security.

Business Member Services:

 Cloud Monitored Computer Security
Scheduled Backup Monitoring
System Updates & Speed Checks
Multiple User Assistance
Discounted On-Site Support
Remote Access to your Computers
Email Support
Lower Level Networking Included
Website Portal

Call: 239-594-8324 for more info

Secure your business as low as $59.99/mo.