Naples PC Computer Repair Services from $1.00 $49.99
Naples PC provides computer repair services for Naples, FL, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, and Estero Florida. Software Installation, Hardware Replacement, Network Troubleshooting, On-Site Diagnostics, and more.
$200.00 sale
NVIZI / Naples PC Custom Build Computer Air Force $4,799.00 $4,999.00
Custom Build Air Force Style Intel i-9 computer (8-Core), 64gb, 10GB-DDR6X Graphics EVGA, built by NVIZI / Naples PC professionals. Includes 3yr warranty on all parts. Services, Parts, Warranty, and Tax included in Price. No Shipping necessary, local pickup only. *Product photo is used to show the case, not the final build.
Naples PC Data Recovery / Backup from $99.00 $199.00
Anytime you purchase a new computer or a have a hard drive fail, you will need a data recovery service to either transfer to a new hard drive and or also try to recover this data from your failed hard drive. However, if the mechanism of the drive has failed, recovering the data can be nearly impossible without the use of a clean room, in which case we would need to ship it to a clean room and the cost sometimes outweighs the value of the recovered data for some. But in most cases we can recover the data for you and transfer it to your new hard drive. We then recommend using our data backup service to make sure you can recover your data from the cloud even if your local hard drive fails.
Naples PC Diagnostic from $49.99
Naples PC provides a series of in office or onsite diagnostics for computers, websites, data recovery, and networks. We must perform a diagnostic in order to determine the issue or plan for a new setup or renovation. Computer Diagnostics are the most important part of the repair process and is for determining a final price and repair. It is required that a diagnostic be paid in advance in order to prevent wasting the technician's time. The client must agree that if a diagnostic exceeds 1.5 hours, they will be charged on an hourly or flat rate final price basis, whichever is less, and that Diagnostics are extremely unpredictable. Most diagnostic fees are credited toward the final service fee unless otherwise specified. No Returns, obviously.
Naples PC Hard Drive Replacement from $50.00
Hard Drive Replacement Products by Naples PC include Sata, Solid State (SSD), and PCI Express (NVMe). Hard Drive fails / upgrades. We replace all Hard Drives and transfer your data from your old hard drives.
$50.99 sale
NVIZI / Naples PC High Speed Wireless Router $429.00 $479.99
NVIZI Best High Speed Router for up to 3,500 sq ft coverage, 4gb/s, Wireless AC / N, best router for large home or business. Allows for guest Wi-Fi access. Ask an associate about our security plan for protecting your network from malicious websites. Includes 3yr Warranty, Tax, Shipping, etc.
Naples PC Laptop Screen Repair - LCD,... from $299.00
Laptop Computer Screen Replacement / Repair: Naples PC will replace all laptop screens, Apple Macbook and Microsoft Laptops. When you have a spider, broken / cracked screen, usually you need an LCD replacement. Naples PC will replace your LCD for $299. If you have a touchscreen or custom screen size, prices may vary. We only use new parts for our replacements and we have the fastest turnaround times in SWFL. We can also ship your computer back to you for an additional fee which varies depending on your location.
Naples PC Memory / Ram from $89.99 $109.00
Naples PC can upgrade or replace your desktop / laptop memory / ram at a much lower cost than getting a new computer. $50 Access Fee Required.
Naples PC Virus Removal from $99.99
Naples PC provides Virus Removal for Microsoft, Apple, Android, and IOS devices. All these devices are vulnerable to attack, regardless of the Apple myth. We utilize a very sophisticated process in removing malware, in order to efficiently remove all files associated with malicious software. We also guarantee our services to be effective for seven (7) days. This is unheard of in the computer repair industry, because you could just as easily turn around and infect your computer immediately following. If you suspect you have malware, spyware, viruses, bloatware, rootkits, key loggers, or any type of malicious software on your device, Naples PC will find and remove it, permanently.

Easy Store Pickup

With in-store pickup options, pickups are convenient. Unlike many of our competitors; Naples PC has an established storefront on Strand Blvd. Call for an Appointment.

Free shipping for orders over $199

Free shipping offer applies to all non-service related orders over $199 up to 5lbs and 500miles. Most parts are picked up at our store and must be included with a service. We are not a retail store.

Service Guarantee

Our services provided are guaranteed to work up to 3 days for software, 30 days on hardware repairs, and 1yr on replacement parts. All computers purchased through our store are covered up to 3yrs with accidental protection, terms and conditions apply.

Latest Tech

NVIZI, INC is always innovating and using the latest technology available to provide the highest level of service in today's world. However, we also have all the products from yesteryears to support products from 1998-2024.
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