Our approach

At Naples PC we provide computer repair, media setup, music recording, computer training, as well as personal or business computer maintenance. Our business is designed to provide you with the highest quality at the most affordable and competitive pricing. Here are a few of the steps we use to make sure we are always a step above the competition.

  • Competitive: Analyzing the quality, services, and pricing of our competitors, and then offering a better solution or adding services for the same or lower price, we always have more to offer 
  • Dedication: Our client's needs are met with near immediate response times, especially our members. Our computer services extend from basic repairs to monthly computer maintenance.
  • Business Growth Strategies: One of the most important part of Naples PC is our computer maintenance solutions for business and residential clients, which provides a steady source of income and ensures financial security. We are consistently improving our services , through employee training, recommendations, reviews, and any additional resources we have available
  • Marketing with a Purpose: Instead of advertising only our services, we use advertising as an opportunity to educate the local community, through Facebook and other social networks, about new technology, tips and tricks to avoid malware, and how to stay safe online.
  • Consistency: We have only improved services at a consistent cost. That means When you refer a friend or business, they get the same great service and prices.
  • Service Guarantee: We are one of the very few and possibly the only computer repair company in USA to offer a 7 Day Guarantee on all our services provided. If you happen to get a virus within 7 Days of a paid Virus Removal Service, we will remove it at no cost to you. If you are or become a member, your service guarantee time doubles.
  • Positive Experience: We encourage all of our clients to write a review online about your experience with our company. We do however ask that if you have questions or concerns you address them with us directly so we can solve any issues and give you a positive experience.

Who is Naples PC

Naples PC is the DBA for Fixed PC, LLC. We originally launched the NaplesPC.com project in 2011 and it has become the official face of our computer company. Nate James, the owner and technician, is one of the most goal oriented, honest, and talented individuals who has been dedicated to the technology industry since 2006. Check out our Reviews

Our Motto

Computer Repair and Training made simple for everyday people; with honesty, integrity, experience, and motivation. Together we will learn, build, and establish a foundation; Educating, supporting, and creating technicians around the world. 

Naples PC; Making Digital Easy.