Computer Repair
Website Design
Music Studio
Computer Repair is one of our most famous services in Naples and Bonita Springs, Florida. We are one of the very few who offer a guarantee on services provided. 

Some of the services we provide are:
   -Virus Removal
   -Laptop Screen Repair
   -Monthly Optimizations
   -Troubleshooting, Software and Hardware
   -Hardware Replacement
   -Data Transfer and New PC Setup
Computer Repair Services Details
Website Design is extremely important in business success. We are your local domain registrar, complete with hosting and website builder. Here's a quick look.

Our Website Portal Includes:
    -Domain Purchase
    -Website Builder
    -Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    -Email Campaigns
    -Social Networking
    -Setup and Custom Design
Website Design and Support

Naples Music Studio gives you the opportunity to have your music recorded, edited, and posted online. We have all the tools necessary to record and produce a professional sound, even during live performances. We can give you the capability to perform in front of a live audience, even if all you own is a guitar.

Some of the services we offer:
    -Vocal Recording & FX
    -Instrument Recording & FX
    -Song Editing, Track Mixing
    -Live Performance Equipment & Setup
    -Backup Singers and More
Music Recording and Availability
Computer Maintenance

Home / Business Computer Maintenance is offered as a monthly membership at Naples PC. Computer Maintenance is very important in order to ensure effective performance and secure browsing.

Computer Maintenance Includes:
   -Virus Protection and Daily Scans
   -Scheduled Monthly Updates and Optimization
   -Free Virus Removal
   -Included Troubleshooting Computer Issues
   -Remote Service for Technical Support
   -Access to Membership Forums
   -Access to Quarterly Newsletter
   -Free Phone Support and more
Computer Maintenance and Pricing
Hardware Installation

Hardware Installation / Replacement is a computer repair service provided by Naples PC. Sometimes when you are having software issues, there may be an underlying hardware issue causing the problem. Hardware installation also includes upgrades.

Hardware Installation:
   -Power Supplies
   -Monitors / TV / Laptop Screens
   -Sound Devices / Surround
   -Routers / Networking / Modem
   -DVD, CD, Blu-Ray
   -Graphics Cards and Multi Screen Platforms
Hardware Installation Options
Virus Protection

Virus / Malware Protection is probably one of the most crucial necessities in keeping a computer secure and running smoothly. Naples PC has the best virus removal tactics and follow up protection as low as $19.99/mo, that will scan your computer daily and detect malware and remove it in 4 seconds.

Virus Removal Tactics: (24-48 hr process)
   -Full Diagnostic and Personality Monitoring
   -Software Evaluation, McAfee and Norton Removal
   -Immediate Removal of Malicious Software
   -Malicious Startup / Processes Elimination
   -Entire Hard Drive Scans, includes registry entries
   -Cleanup, Install Protection, & Monitor
Virus Removal & Security Process